Pinocchio Park in Collodi – Pescia

The Grand Hotel Tettuccio invites You to visite the Pinocchio homeland, Collodi, a nice medieval suburb, which is just 10 km away.

Inaugurated in 1956, Pinocchio Park is a special theme park, due to a precious masterpiece created by artists of great character.

Inside the park, there is a literary itinerary, marked out by mosaics, buildings and sculptures which recreates the atmosphere and the episodes in the story of the Adventures of Pinocchio.

The Park offers a lot of attractions, like Didactic Laboratories, to enjoy the very young visitors, the Historic Roundabouts, which conserved all the poetry, freshness, ingenuity of enjoyment of that time and the Pinocchio Museum, where you can find art exhibition about the international “Wood-child”.

In that area, it is setting the historic Garzoni Garden, one of the most beautiful in Italy. In the garden you can admire water plays which form truly, statues representing mythological creatures and greenhouses with peacocks which make magnificent your visit.

In Collodi there is also the Collodi Butterfly House, a splendid greenhouse-building of stone and crystal, housing a lush tropical garden with nearly a thousand butterflies from all over the world.

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