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The Montecatini Thermal Park

It's time to relax. Choose your hotel in front of the thermal park!

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Welcome to Montecatini Terme, where beauty meets health and relaxation!

As a guest at the 4-star Grand Hotel Tettuccio you can experience a holiday of absolute comfort and well-being. Consider that we are in Viale Verdi, right in front of the Thermal Complex entrance!

Montecatini Waters

The salt-sulphate-alkaline waters, with precious salts and minerals such as bromine, calcium, chlorine, iodine, lithium, magnesium, potassium, sodium and sulphate of Montecatini, have always been known for their beneficial properties (they purify the liver and reduce cholesterol, are beneficial for diseases of the respiratory tract, improve rheumatism and help in orthopaedic rehabilitation, etc.) and led to the great development of Montecatini as a prestigious thermal holiday location at the end of the nineteenth century, so much so that it became the European capital frequented by well-known names of the Belle Époque including Rossini, Verdi, Strauss, D’Annunzio and many others.

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The thermal springs

There are several springs that have sustained well-being in Montecatini for many years:

Regina Water


Discovered as late as 1855, it is indicated in cases of liver failure and bile duct dysfunctions

Tettuccio Water


Known since the fifteenth century, it promotes purification of the liver and is also indicated in chronic hyposecretory gastritis and functional dyspepsia

Rinfresco Water


Known since the fifteenth century, it is a diuretic water, which promotes the elimination of waste through the kidney tract

Leopoldina Water


The oldest of the springs, it is purifying and acts on intestinal peristalsis. It is particularly indicated in cases of constipation or chronic constipation

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At the centre of Montecatini - Wonderful place Stunning views

" I stayed only for one night and I absolutely loved it. It’s peaceful and traditional. Love the rooms and most of all the view from those windows: at dawn and at dusk! Wonderful staff will go always the extra mile for you. Can’t wait to go back "

The establishments

Around the large thermal park, there are thermal establishments that alternate their opening periods throughout the year.

Tettuccio Thermal Complex


This is where the mineral water treatment takes place, involving the use of spa water as a drink. In addition to bodily pleasure, it is also a pleasure for the eyes: the Tettuccio establishment is a real triumph of Art Nouveau, featuring majestic colonnades reminiscent of ancient Roman Baths or Greek temples.

Redi Thermal Complex


The thermal pools of the Redi Thermal Complex are open all year round. Here, you can do inhalation treatments, balneotherapy, mud therapy, massotherapy, motor rehabilitation and physiotherapy.

Excelsior Thermal Complex (currently closed)


In winter (from November to April, around) they are open for mineral water treatments, while in summer the spa and wellness programme parts remain. Here, you can enjoy relaxing massages, oriental treatments, beauty treatments, beauty and slimming fitness.


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